• BBB BTI-95 Rimtape HP Adhesive 10m WZYOMFUFK

10M Roll of high quality bike wheel rimtape in choice of widths of 18mm or 16mm.

All about BBB Cycling1990′sFROM A SPARKLE IN THE EYE OF A FORMER ROAD RACER TO A BRAND WITH DISTRIBUTION IN 18 COUNTRIES1967-1985 - Chris Koppert & Frank Moons, founders and owners of BBB Cycling, start racing bikes together at age six. For sixteen years all they did was ride and race. They ride in the same team, they compete against each other and even where part of the Dutch Team for some time. Both win national and international races. Chris even manages to claim a Dutch Champion in 1980. In 1985 they switched gears from racing to careers in the cycling industry.1991 - Chris en Frank start their own business importing several cycling brands to cycling-crazy Netherlands.1997 - After years racing their bikes the duo have very explicit ideas of what makes a proper bike product. They decide to develop their own under the BBB brand name and start selling them to local bike shops, using a shop-in-shop display to present the products conveniently. Among the first products you would find sport glasses, pumps and bar ends. And certainly shoecovers and wintergloves inspired by the notorious Dutch weather. Packaging, catalogues, and even some products, feature a denim pattern to reflect the timelessness of the brand.1998 - Looking across the border, BBB presents itself together with its first distributor for Germany on the infamous Eurobike tradeshow for the first time. A twelve page brochure is enough to present a productline consisting of 36 items.1999 - There are more people in the world looking for no-nonsense bike products that just work. BBB manages to secure distribution in 18 countries. Some of them just around the corner of our international headquarters in Leiden, Netherlands. Some as far out as New Zealand and Japan.

BBB BTI-95 Rimtape HP Adhesive 10m WZYOMFUFK

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BBB BTI-95 Rimtape HP Adhesive 10m WZYOMFUFK

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