• Beluga Bed Premium Water Proof Inflatable Lounger Integrated Pillow Compact Carry Bag Metal Stake HDUCGDIQL

The Highest of Quality:We want you to have as many relaxing moments as possible on your Beluga Bed, that's why we've used 210T Nylon Ripstop, the same material used to make parachutes! This makes the Beluga Bed incredibly durable and highly resistant to damage.Easy to use:Don't worry about finding the perfect spot on the beach to then spend hours inflating. No need for a foot pump either, simply unpack and Draw the Beluga Bed through the air to inflate its two chambers. It will then stay inflated much longer than many of its competitors . Follow our step by step video guide on how to inflate your Beluga Bed at https://m.youtube.com/watchv=0jUZtNFakIsGreat Design:The Beluga Bed has relaxation at the core of its design. Unlike many competitors the Beluga Bed has an inset pillow for the perfect lounging position. Oh and don't worry about chasing your Beluga Bed down the beach when u decide to go for a dip in the sea, the Beluga Bed comes with a metal stake to make sure it stays where u left it in windy conditions.Light Weight and Compact:Save on those sun bed costs, the Beluga Bed is easy to unpack/ repack and easily fits in your suitcase to take any where u choose.Versatility: Perfect for a day at the beach, pool, to take camping or hiking or even just to make the most of a sunny day in the garden. The worlds your Oyster.. the Beluga Bed will even Float.

Like to make the most of the Great Out Doors? We do, that's why whether it's a day at the beach, a camping trip, a festival or just a bbq in the garden the Beluga Bed is the perfect addition.

The Beluga Bed inflatable lounger has relaxation at the very core of its design and is constructed from only the best materials available. It's superior two chamber design means that the Beluga Bed is easy to inflate and stays inflated far longer than cheaper variants on the market, after all there's no point in purchasing an inflatable Lounger only to spend all your time re-inflating! You can even inflate the Beluga Bed indoors with very little room to manoeuvre, so if you need that extra lounge come movie time with the friends then the Beluga Bed's got you covered.

The Beluga Bed currently comes in four colours, Blue, Purple, Black and Orange but watch this space as more will be available soon. A large netted pocket on one side and a drinks holder on the other means you have plenty of storage to keep those all important beach accessories. We also provide a metal stake (no cheap plastic here) to anchor your bed securely in unsettled conditions.

Compact, lightweight and also comes in a carry bag meaning you can take it anywhere you choose. It can support up to 200Kgs that's almost 32 stone, and fully inflated it is 260cm by 70cm.

Brief Instructions: To inflate your Beluga Bed firstly remove from bag, shake to unfold. Open the air chambers to make sure a free flow of air can enter them. Then open one air chamber and pull through the air, a brisk few steps will help or if there is a slight wind even better, ensure you close the chamber before the forward motion stops to prevent the air escaping. Then whilst holding the first chamber closed repeat for the second. This process can be repeated several times if necessary. Don't worry if your Beluga Bed doesn't look rigid, now roll up the mouth and secure with Clip.

Beluga Bed Premium Water Proof Inflatable Lounger Integrated Pillow Compact Carry Bag Metal Stake HDUCGDIQL

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Beluga Bed Premium Water Proof Inflatable Lounger Integrated Pillow Compact Carry Bag Metal Stake HDUCGDIQL

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