• Jewado Jimmi Hoop Arm Hula Hoop with Foam Set of 2 pieces QNSYSXIAT

Playfully strengthen arm and shoulder muscles through easy exercises- the exercises are easy to learn and can be done almost anywhere; many different fitness exercises are possible. Keeps the training very exciting and diverse.Easy to carry, makes it handy and especially suitable for travelling or on the go. Perfect as a complement to the hula hoop training. Targeted strengthening and training for arm and shoulder muscles.Also suitable for people who have to sit a lot. Various exercises train the neck muscles-targeted training in almost any setting. Short exercise intervals are possible even in the lunch break.Great training equipment for everyone. The entry into hooping is easy and easy to learn beginners.Product contents: 2x Jewado® Jimmi Arm Hula Hoops, Weight: 250g each, diameter: 33cm, cross section diameter: approx. 2cm; colour: light green; material: foam and metal.

Improve the constitution with the 2 Piece Jewado® Jimmie hoop, Arm Hula Hoop and train coordination skills.

Embark on a new form of exercise with the 2-piece set Jewado® Jimmie Hoop Arm
Hula Hoop with foam. You can enjoy an intense workout with playful effects and
make use of the arm hoop as an extension to the existing fitness training. Of course, the arm
hoops are a good entry level for anyone who has not had any experience with the hula hoop
. With the Jimmie Arm Hoop, the back, neck, arms and shoulder can
be trained. By training with both arms, the coordination skills are trained.
You learn to focus independently on the movement in the arms

Targeted training of the upper body and shoulder - the Jimmie hoop makes it possible.

The Jewado® Jimmie Hoop Arm Hula Hoop is a sustainable, high quality and well
crafted fitness equipment. You train for a long time with the foam covered hoops and
encourage not only your basic fitness - the Arm Hoops directly support the strengthening
of connective tissue, the muscle building throughout the arm section and training of the
neck muscles. The training can be combined for the advanced and professionals with the conventional
hoop training. Put music of your choice and start with the arm training
at home, on vacation, during the lunch break or in the park quickly and easily

Jewado Jimmi Hoop Arm Hula Hoop with Foam Set of 2 pieces QNSYSXIAT

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Jewado Jimmi Hoop Arm Hula Hoop with Foam Set of 2 pieces QNSYSXIAT

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